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Find out how to manage the subscription plan you chose and which integrations to implement to get the best experience

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In this section you have the settings for your company profile, information on the subscription you have activated or want to activate and the integrations you can implement to make the user experience better.

1. General

Here you can set profile details for your company:

  • Enter a photo of your company logo, company name and language. You can change them at any time.

N.B.: The language of the company is the language that will be used for communications, such as in e-mails inviting external visitors or those to employees to access their Nibol account.

  • If you want, also add a company policy that will be shown to employees at their first login and that they will have to accept digitally in order to continue using Nibol.

2. Plans and Billing

It allows you to manage the subscription plan you have chosen:

  • You can decide to change it by clicking on the “Change plan” button corresponding to the activated Office Management plan.

  • If you haven't done so yet, you can activate the Spaces on Demand service (for more information go to the dedicated article) to allow your employees to book coworking spaces wherever they are

  • Enter or change billing information on the corresponding page

  • Add a payment method to automate your subscription and pay for only the number of active users

3. Integrations

In Integrations discover which services you can integrate with Nibol to make the most of your office's potential: Connect your

4. Advanced & API

For companies that have activated the Enterprise plan, this section dedicated to customizing communications and terms of service and privacy policy is available.

Here you can also decide how long a user can stay logged in before having to log in again > to do so go to Other.

Finally, request more information about:

  • User synchronisation via API

  • Embedding of the Nibol app

  • Multi-tenancy

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