Connect your Luckey account with Nibol

Find out how office reservation management and access control work.

Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 1 month ago

Below you will find the steps to implement the Luckey integration for access control when you book your place in the office.

This integration allows perfect synchronization between Nibol's reservation system and Luckey's lock management, ensuring that users who book spaces through Nibol automatically get the necessary access to Luckey for the duration of their reservation.

First part

Activate the integration from your Luckey portal by following this guide.

Second part

Complete the in-app integration now: open Nibol 5.0 > go to the Integrations section in the Company settings > for a first period you will be redirected to the old administrator platform by clicking on the Go to Nibol legacy button > install Luckey.

At this point, copy and paste the Luckey platform's domain and insert the infinite token you generated.
Once saved, in the Tag section, you will need to insert the Tag copied and pasted from the Luckey platform for each desired office, then Save.

These tags will be assigned to users when an entity of the corresponding office is booked,

granting them access for the duration of the reservation.

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