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Let's take a look at all the sections you have available once you log in to your account.


It allows you to manage your reservations in the office (choose the day from the calendar, check in, modify a reservation, terminate/cancel a reservation) or in co-working and use the other available statuses (remotely, not at work).

See here to learn more about this section.


Here you can consult the monthly calendar of your and your colleagues' bookings and find out on which days they will be in the office and when they will be working remotely or on holiday, thus better managing the organization of your team.

Your company can decide whether to deactivate this functionality or leave it visible to employees from the Advanced & API section of the Company settings.

Reports (dedicated to administrators)

In this section you have access to the dashboard with data relating to all the activities carried out by your company's employees, you can view the list of user reservations and download the most useful personalized reports for your needs.

See here to learn more about this section.


In People you can find the list of your colleagues who, like you, use Nibol in the company. Here you can see the main information of each one (name, email address, team to which they belong) and also those that everyone has decided to share with others (pronouns, work location, interesting facts about themselves).


Depending on the services activated and the settings given by your organization, you can see where your company's offices are located on the map and/or book workspaces affiliated with Nibol.

To find out how to book a coworking space on the map, read the dedicated article.

Furthermore, if your organization has activated the possibility to see where your colleagues work from, and they have entered the information in their account, you can also find out where they are when they work remotely.


From here you can book the entity you prefer among those mapped by your company (desk, meeting room, parking, etc.) by conveniently selecting the space, date and time of the reservation. If you are an administrator, you can also decide whether to book on behalf of others.

See here to find out how to make an office reservation.


In Rooms you have a complete view of the meeting rooms that can be booked in your offices. This allows you to easily see the free slots in each room and to filter based on the date and time you need them. So it'll be super easy to book your next meeting!

To learn more about how this section works, read this dedicated article.


This module allows you to invite a visitor outside your company to the office and assign a desk or a parking space, he/she will receive an email with all the useful information you have shared and will confirm their arrival at the office through a notification.

Read the in-depth article to find out everything you can do with this feature.


If your company has activated this module, here you can find the list of your packages still to be collected and/or collected. If you are a delivery manager, you can scan an incoming package and notify your colleagues.

Read this article to learn how to scan and notify colleagues when a package arrives at the office.

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