Scan and notify colleagues when a package arrives at the office

Are you a Delivery Manager? Learn how to scan an incoming package and notify your colleagues

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If your company has entrusted you with the role of Delivery Manager, as such you have the task of notifying the recipient every time a package is delivered to the office.

Add an incoming package and notify your colleagues

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the app and go to Deliveries > Add delivery, at the top right

  2. Now you can fill in the recipient's data with information to notify them (only if they are a user of your company on Nibol)

  3. Or you can photograph the package label that will automatically acquire the recipient's name and surname

  4. Finally Save and Notify!

At this point, the recipient of the delivery has been notified via email.

What to do if the delivery is not picked up?

As you can see from the image above, you have a Pending Packages section and a Pickup section.

Be careful, the list of notified packages is divided by buildings > use the drop-down menu at the top right to filter the reference building.

To notify the recipient a second time (or as many times as necessary to request a pickup), simply click on Edit next to the corresponding package > Send reminder.

Once the package is picked up, you'll see the delivery detail under the Picked up section.

You can change the delivery details or cancel it if necessary!

Just click on Edit and change the details > Save; or click on the red Delete button to cancel the delivery.

The recipients will receive an email and/or push update about it!

Are you not a Delivery Manager and have you received a notification of a package arriving for you?

If you received an email or a push notification saying that a package has arrived for you at the office > find out in this article how to confirm the collection of your package in the app and check the status of your deliveries.

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