Book an entity from the Office section

Find out how to book an entity (desk, parking, meeting room, customized entity) within company spaces, make a reservation in multiple ways, book for third parties with the administrator role

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In the Office section, you can easily book the entities made available by your company.

Reserve a desk or other entity within corporate offices

In the Office section you can book the following entities:

  • Desk

  • Meeting room

  • Parking

  • Custom entity

Find out how in this video:

How the hours of booking:

  • All day long = opening and closing time of the building where your office is located

  • Morning = from the building's opening hours until 13:00

  • Afternoon = from 14:00 to the closing time of the building

  • Personalized = you choose the time you prefer by moving the cursor on the timeline; if you want, you can set a favorite one to always use!

    Find out how in this article

Every completed booking appears in Home, where you can see its details and edit, cancel or confirm it with check-in. Find out more in this article.

Book the same entity multiple times

You can also book the same desk, car park or customized entity for several days.

Here's how to do it:

Edit or cancel a reservation

Find out how to manage your reservations in this article.

Book for third parties (if you are an administrator)

As an administrator, you can book on behalf of another employee of your company.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. From the items at the top of the Office section choose: space, date, person for whom you are booking

  2. Choose the entity you want to book between: desk, parking or custom entity

  3. Set the time slot, and book!

At this point, the employee will see the event appear in their Home in the app and, if they have active notifications, they will receive confirmation via email with the details of the booking you just completed.

You can see the list of reservations made, always in the Reports > Activities (desks and/or parking) section.

Nice to know:

  • You can also book spaces with capacity for your colleague. The restrictions of the user for whom you are booking will always be respected. For example, you can reserve seats and parking spaces both assigned to your colleague and assigned to the group to which your colleague belongs.

  • A booking for a colleague is not successful when the latter already has one active at the same time you intend to book

Do you want to cancel a booking for one of your colleagues?

Find out how to do it from this article!

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