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Learn how to set up your personal profile and customize your app usage preferences

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Within the Settings, in the section dedicated to your Account, you can manage

  • Your profile

  • Personal preferences related to office reservations

  • Inbound communications

  • Reset the password

  • Budget (if Spaces on Demand active)

  • Favorite Spaces (if Spaces on Demand active)

1) Profile

Enter the personal information you want to share with your colleagues, such as the profile photo, the title of work and a short description about yourself.

2) Preferences

Enter your preferences regarding location (city and home address) and working hours, preferred building and the language used.

In this section you can in fact choose to set your preferred booking time, which will be used when you book by choosing the option all day, morning or afternoon.

You can indicate even if you work full remote or choose your favorite building, this is the building that you will see first by default when you open the office map in the homonymous section.

Finally, choose your preferred language under Global Preferences. At the moment you can use Nibol in Italian, English, Spanish or French.

3) Communications

In this section, you choose which types of notifications to receive and through which channels. At the moment our main channels are: email and push notifications.

Select each notification you want to receive, or activate the small square to the right of each type of communication and save your choices > Save button at the bottom.

4) Access Information

Do you want to change your password or have you forgotten it? Click on the reset password button and we will send you an email with the link for creating a new password.

5) Budget (if Spaces on Demand is active)

If your company has activated Spaces on Demand and has provided you with a budget that can be spent on coworking in the Nibol network, here you can consult the value of the allocated budget and monitor its

monthly consumption.

6) Favorite spaces (if Spaces on Demand is active)

If your company has activated Spaces on Demand, you will have access to the Nibol coworking network and you can save your favorites simply by clicking on the little heart at the top right of the profile of

each space.

Then you will find the saved spaces in this section and you can book them comfortably without having to search for them every time on the map!

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