Manage all your bookings from the Home

Find out how to book a desk, redo your last reservation with a click, confirm your reservations with check-in, terminate/cancel a reservation, modify one and use the statuses' remotely 'and 'not work'

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Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 1 month ago

In the Home you can conveniently manage all your office reservations and other work statuses.

Let's see together what you can do from Home.

Book a desk in the office

In Home you can use the "Select desk" button to reserve a desk in your office.

If you have an assigned desk exclusively, you will find the “Select assigned desk” button, which will send you directly back to the space where your assigned desk is located.

Read the in-depth article to see how to do it.

Book the last reserved desk with a click

For every time you want to book at the same desk as your last reservation, just click the “Reserve the last desk” button (see screenshot below).

Confirm your reservation by checking in

If your company has set it up, you will have the option to confirm your reservation (for a desk, meeting room, parking) by checking in.
Check-in is available starting from a certain amount of time before the start of the booking until a number after the start. If you don't check in, your reservation may be lost and the entity may become available to others. These two settings are managed by your administrators on Nibol.

Activate push notifications on mobile and email so you don't miss your check-in

Edit your booking

You can edit any unconfirmed reservation from your Home.

To find out how to do this, consult the dedicated article.

Terminate and cancel your reservation

To terminate and cancel your booking, just click on the basket icon 🗑️ or, if you have already confirmed your check-in, you just need to check out (see video below).

Choose a work status

To learn how to use the Remote and Not at Work statuses, read the dedicated article.

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