The administrator account settings

Learn how to change your administrator account details and manage your company settings

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Access the settings and discover everything you can do as an administrator of your company on Nibol.

In this section you have at your disposal not only your profile settings, but also those relating to your company as its administrator. Let's look at them together:


Here you can complete your user profile with some information about you visible to other colleagues, enter your preferences related to the workplace, decide which notifications to keep on and which not, change your password (if you have not activated the login with SSO) and finally - only for companies that have Spaces on Demand active - view the available budget and the co-workings saved as favorites.

Learn more about account settings here.


This section allows you to create and manage the list of your company's users and groups.

Here's what you can do in the People section.


In the Visible Spaces section you can decide whether you want to show your employees the co-working spaces that Nibol provides. These will be visible on the Map and users will be able to book them with their credit card (see section Group Budget).

If you as a company activate the Spaces on Demand service, you can assign a budget to your employees to spend on coworking spaces. Set this in the Group Budget section.

Find out here how to activate Spaces on Demand.


Here you can enter all the information related to your company, including billing information and payment method to be able to use Nibol. In addition, you will have a section dedicated to integrations and services dedicated to those with the Enterprise plan.

Read here an in-depth analysis of the Company's settings.

Settings related to the buildings created

Once you have created one or more company buildings, you will have a section dedicated to the settings where you can complete the set-up of the spaces: opening days and times, business spaces, bookable entities, deliveries, external visitors.

See here what you can do specifically in building settings.

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