Book your meeting room on Room App

Find out how easy it is to book a room from your tablet and what the room status is

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 2 months ago

Book meeting rooms on Room App for tablets

Once you open the Nibol Room App on your tablet you will be faced with this screen, where you enter the code you generated earlier on the Nibol platform.

Once you have entered the code, you will be able to proceed to book your room, simply tap on Book Now and choose the start and end time on the timeline as you wish. Please note that the minimum length of a meeting is 15 minutes and that this cannot start before the current time or override other ongoing bookings.

The green screen indicates a room ready to be booked.

With check-in set, the room on the tablet will turn yellow when it is time to proceed with check-in.

Only for rooms with check-in set up, there will be a chance to see the room colored white to indicate the moment when it is about to vacate the current meeting.

Finally, when a room is occupied in a meeting, its corresponding screen is colored red. A reservation can still be made for a different time.

Book meeting rooms from Nibol App and view them on Room App for tablets

You can also use your Nibol App, mobile or web version to book meeting rooms and view the booking directly on your tablet.

Conversely, rooms booked on the tablet will also be visible on the Nibol App once you have selected the room on the floor plan.

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