Sign up as the host of your own venue on Nibol

Are you a host and want to register to add your venue on Nibol? read the short article!

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 1 year ago

There are several ways to register on Nibol. This is to make it as easy as possible for you to use our service.

Please remember that privacy and respect for your information is very important to us. Once you register and use our service, you declare that you agree to our terms of service.

Registering as a host of your venue

You can register with Nibol through a classic registration, consisting of first name, last name, email and password through

Already registered as a user of the App?

In case you want to publish a venue on Nibol using the same email you used to register on the Nibol app on mobile, let us know at our address: or write to us directly here in live chat!

If you want to register as an App user instead:

Download Nibol from Google Play or App Store and register as proposed in the first startup screen.

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