Set up your company's groups

Learn how to divide members into different groups to set specific rules and constraints for using Nibol

Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 1 month ago

To create and manage user groups, go to the People section of your administrator account settings > Groups.

Before you start creating a group and customizing its settings, you should know that the Everyone group exists. By default, this group contains all your members and has the same possibility of being customized as the groups you are going to create.

Create a group and add members to the group

From your administrator account settings > go to the People > Groups section > click on Add group and enter:

  1. Name of the group

  2. ID of the group

  3. description of the group (optional)

This information can also be modified later by clicking on Edit next to the corresponding group > Details.

Now add individual members to the group. To do this, go to Edit next to the group > click on Add at the top right > enter email addresses on the pop-up screen. Confirm the addition of members by clicking on Add.

Edit group permissions

You're almost done! Now, if you want, you can add specific constraints to the members of your group. Specifically, Nibol gives you the option to:

  • Set visibility on future days

  • Limit the number of reservations in a certain period of time

  • Manage visible spaces

  • Set bookable times

Let's see more in this video the limits you can set for each group:

Take some time to set this information and you're done!

Attention: find out what happens when an employee is part of multiple groups in the dedicated article

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