What do I need to know about configuring Everyone group settings?

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Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 11 days ago

The Everyone group exists by default in your member directory and includes everyone. This group has the option to be customized in its settings, just like all the groups you create. Specifically, even for the Everyone group, you can manage the following settings:

  • Visible future days

  • Limit of booking seats

  • Visible spaces

  • Bookable times

  • Settings (name, ID, color)

We suggest you proceed in the following way when it comes to settings on groups:

If you do not use custom groups in your organization, then proceed to set the various limits ONLY in the Everyone group.

On the contrary, if your organization uses groups, customizing them in their settings, then deactivate the various limits of the Everyone group.

In this way, no type of conflict will be created.

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