I want to book a coworking with my card, what do I do?

For Spaces on Demand users

Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 24 days ago

If you want to book one of the paid spaces on the Map, you must first enter a payment method and billing information.

Go to the Settings, in the Personal Billing section and add:

  1. Billing Information

  2. Payment card

Once done, all you have to do is go to Map and choose the type of venue you want to book between:

  • Free space

  • Hotdesk

  • Private space

Each space offers bookable passes (daily, half day, full day):

  • Choose what you prefer

  • Enter the number of people you are booking for and the date

  • Confirm and pay

Do you have a promo code? Enter it when booking by clicking on the Add button.

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