Pick up your deliveries

Find out what to do when you receive a delivery notification of a parcel for you

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āœ… Recipient members of a delivery

As a Delivery Manager

Each time a delivery is picked up you will receive a push notification from your Nibol app and an email confirming that the parcel has been picked up by the recipient.

You will be able to check the pick-ups directly from the icon šŸ“¦ both from mobile and web in the Picked up section.

As a recipient of a delivery, what should I do?

You have received two notifications, one by e-mail "A delivery is waiting for you" and one push notification from your Nibol App.

Follow the steps to collect your delivery

  1. Open the email > read if there is any information about your delivery and click on Go to App or use the App directly and open the notification

  2. Once you open the App you will see the list of deliveries that have arrived for you, click on each one and find out the details.

  3. Confirm the collection by clicking on > collected.

You will then receive an email confirmation of the picked-up delivery! Easy, isn't it?

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