My subscription is in terminated status

What happens when my subscription has ended

Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 6 months ago

What does it mean that my subscription is in terminated status?

The terminated status of my subscription has a duration of 60 days.

It represents the end of each subscription, as it will no longer be possible for employee members to use the services offered by Nibol.

Only the role of company administrator will still see the Billing section available at the bottom left of the dashboard on

During this period, Nibol will keep all your business data to make it easier for you if you decide to reactivate your subscription.

What happens when the terminated status of my subscription expires?

  1. Within 60 days you can decide to reactivate your subscription > the status will change to Active

  2. You can decide not to renew or let the 60 days expire, at this point your subscription will go to status Disabled > find out more in the dedicated section “My subscription is in a disabled


You can find all the information related to the status of your subscription by going to > once you have entered your credentials > go to the bottom left and click on Billing > click on Subscription.

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