My subscription is in a state of grace

Discover the possibilities of use during the state of grace

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What does it mean that my subscription is in a state of grace?

The state of grace of my subscription with Nibol has a maximum duration of 7 days, during which time all members of your company will be able to continue using the services provided by your previous subscription.

During this time, all members will be notified by a banner that will appear while using the Nibol web app and which will indicate the days remaining until the expiry of the grace period.

What happens when the grace period for my subscription expires?

By the end of the 7 days, you can decide to:

  • Renew your subscription, it will become active again > active

  • Terminate your subscription, your subscription will be > terminated.

If you do not notify us of any decision after the 7-day grace period, your subscription will go directly to terminated status > find out more in the 'My subscription is in terminated status' section.

You can find all the information relating to the status of your subscription by going to > once you have entered your credentials > go to the bottom left and click on Billing > click on Subscriptions

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