What happens when a employee member has a double assignment: exclusive and non-exclusive

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Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 10 months ago

It is important to consider the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive assignments.

  • Exclusive assignment: This is the possibility of assigning a parking space or car park to a single employee member. This person will only see the parking space or car park assigned to him/her, which is available for booking.

    ✅Assignment to a member

    ❌Assignment to a group

  • Non-exclusive assignment: this is the possibility of assigning a desk or parking spot to several members or groups who can book both the spaces assigned to them and all other available spaces.

    ✅ Assignment to one or more members

    ✅Assignment to one or more groups

    ✅Assignment to members and groups simultaneously

    If an employee member finds himself or herself in the situation of having both an exclusive allocation for a workstation or parking space and a non-exclusive allocation, he or she will only see the exclusively assigned desk.

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