Invite a guest to your office

Find out how to invite visitors to your office

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Once you have downloaded the Nibol app or if you prefer using our web app, you can start using Nibol and also benefit from the possibility of inviting visitors to your office.

Find out how to invite a visitor in just a few steps

  1. Open the Nibol app > enter your credentials and go to the next step.

  2. Go to the calendar page > once there, you will be redirected directly to our calendar page. If you think you are not on that page, click on the 'calendar' icon ( 📅 ) from the menu at the bottom.

  3. Once there, click on the add icon ( ➕ ) at the bottom right of our app.

Click on Invite a visitor.

After this, you will be able to choose the date of the appointment, the building, the possibility of assigning a location (if your administrator has activated this possibility), and finally, enter your name and email address.

Confirm the information entered by clicking on Invite

If you have followed the previous steps correctly, you will now be faced with the invitation confirmation page. This means that we have sent the email with all the necessary information to your guest.

You will have the possibility to view the invitation specifics by going to the calendar page, underneath the appointed day > clicking here you will see a recap of the relevant details and the possibility to cancel the invitation, in which case Nibol will notify the visitor of the change of schedule.

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