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Here you can find out how to enter your personal preferences and complete the onboarding in the App

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 8 months ago

Onboarding in Nibol App:

The first time you enter Nibol, you will have, if you want, a quick onboarding available in which you can set up preferred information such as:

  1. Where do you work remotely

  2. What is your job

  3. The name of your company

A second phase then follows, in which it is possible to add a profile picture:

Finally, a third step is where you can enter your preferences on favorite offices and the type of work chosen!

Settings available in your account

Directly from your profile icon, access Settings, to be able to decide:

  • Personal preferences related to office reservations

  • Incoming communications, activating or deactivating the notifications you prefer

  • Change the language of your profile

  • Reset your password

To learn more about your account Settings check out this guide.

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