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Here you can find out how to search for your colleague and see where he booked his station, if he is working remotely, or is not at work!

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 8 months ago

The new Colleague's section in the App will allow you to:

  • Know the status of your colleagues: in the office, remotely, or not working.

  • Know the specifications of each of these chosen statuses

Once you have entered the App, just go to the Colleagues section.

Here you select the day concerned from the calendar at the top, and consequently, the list below will be populated with the presence of your colleagues.
You can also filter your search by state: in the office, remotely, and/or not working.
Or, type the name or surname of the colleague you are looking for directly on the search bar.

When you select the office filter, you can select the reference building:

Finally, if you want to see specifically where the booked desk of the colleague you have searched for is located, just click on the map symbol present (see screen below) and you will be redirected to the map and the colleague you are looking for will be highlighted in blue!

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