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Here you will find how to book a desk in your offices, how to remake your last booking with a click, how to confirm your reservations by checking in, how to end/cancel a reservation and how to edit your reservation

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Book a desk and show that you are in the office:

  1. Tap the Office icon on the home page of your app

  2. Here you decide whether to select the day from the calendar first or the space first through the drop-down menu (see the screen below)

  3. Select your location (on the map or in the space with capacity)

  4. Decide whether to book for: all day, morning only, or afternoon only, or enter your personalized time

How booking hours work:

  • All day = opening and closing times of the building where your office is located

  • Morning = from the opening time of the building until 13:00

  • Afternoon = from 14:00 to the closing time of the building

  • Personalized = You choose the time you prefer, if you want, you can set a favorite one to always use! Find out how in this article

Book the last reserved desk with a click

Every time you want to book at the same desk as your last booking, just tap on the button: “Book the last desk” (see screenshot below)

Confirm your reservation by checking in:

If your company has set it up, you will have the option to confirm your reservation by checking in.
Check-in is available starting a certain amount of time before the start of the booking to a full time after the start. If you do not check in, the reservation may be lost and the station may be available to others again. These two settings are managed by your administrators on Nibol.

Activate push notifications on mobile and email so you don't miss your check-in

Terminate and cancel your reservation

To end and cancel your reservation after checking in, all you have to do is check out (see video below).

Edit your reservation

See here how to make changes to your reservation before you have checked in.

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