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Here you can find out how to book a meeting room from the map, how to check in to confirm it, how to cancel the reservation or how to edit your reservation

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Book a meeting room:

  1. Choose from the calendar the day on which to book

  2. Choose the meeting room and complete the details

As you can see from the video above, you can add some details, such as:

  • A title to your meeting

  • Add invitees both present on Nibol and external, to whom an email will be sent to invite the meeting

  • Complete by adding a meeting link

  • Add useful notes

Confirm your reservation by checking in:

If your company has planned it, you will have the opportunity to confirm your reservation by checking in.
Check-in is available starting a certain amount of time before the start of the booking to a full time after the start. If you do not check-in, the reservation may be lost and the station may be available to others again. These two settings are managed by your administrators on Nibol.

Activate push notifications on mobile and email so you don't miss your check-in

Edit your reservation

See here how to make changes to your reservation before you have checked in.

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