Download booking activity reports in CSV format

Find out how to analyze the trend of bookings in your office

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 8 months ago

Every time a reservation is made within your offices, Nibol stores the characteristics of the reservations to make them available for your internal analysis.

In particular, we provide you not only with the ability to view this information from, but also the ability to download additional details about it in a.csv format.

For each of our modules: desks, rooms, parking lots, visitors, you can select the activity heading under each one and perform a download, entering a desired period of time

The explanation of the content of each column is provided below.

List of Nibol booking activity csv columns:


The calendar day of the booking (format: yyyy-mm-dd).


The starting time of the booking (format: hh:mm).


The end time of the booking (format: hh:mm).


The booking status (format: state_value).

The status can have different values:

  • active: check-in done or the booking start time has passed when the company does not request

  • canceled check-in: booking canceled by the employee

  • cancel: booking that can be canceled by the employee

  • canceled: booking canceled by the employee

  • check_cancel: booking that can be canceled but that is also in the time slot for checking in

  • checked: booking with check-in done, but not ended yet

  • ended: booking ended with check-in done, or booking ended with check-in not requested

  • lost: booking ended without a valid check-in

  • company_cancelled: booking canceled due to business restrictions

  • deleted: booking in a building/office/space that has been canceled or by a user canceled

  • idle: (only for rooms) status of booking before the check-in time


The time when the check-in was made (format: hhmm).


The time the check-out process was performed (format:



The name of the user (format: Member Name).


The email address associated with the member (format: emailaddress@company.xx).


The group to which the selected employee belongs


The name of the building in which the reservation was made (format: Building Name).


The name of the office where the booking was made (format: Office Name).


The name of the space where the reservation was made (format: Space Name).


The name of the desk where the reservation was made (format: Desk Name).

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