Create the spaces with the floor plan inside your offices

Find out how to insert the map of your office, and how to insert desks and meeting rooms

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Add an office where there is a space with a map to be populated with all the entities that you prefer to make bookable to your fellow employees!

Add office:

  1. Go to Building > then Offices in the bar on the left, below the name of the building you just created.

  2. Click on Add New Office on the right (see screenshot below)

  3. Give your office a name, indicate the floor where it is located and move on to the next point.

Create your business space now:

Click on the pencil icon (edit symbol) ✏️ on the right side of your screen, next to the name of your office.

Once this is done, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Change the name or plan of the office (remember to save, the button appears at the top right as you write the change)

  • Add a new space (Add new space)

  • Change the advanced settings (Settings)

Now you can create your new space by doing:

  1. Add new space > enter name of the space

  2. Choose from drop-down menu Map for workstation or parking > add.


Map for workstations and/or parking lots:

  1. Add map > Go to 'Add map' to upload the image of your office floor plan. (JPEG format, max 1000 px high).

  2. Once loaded, you will have the opportunity to start inserting workstations by clicking on “Manage map”

Add workstations:

  1. Now you will be in front of the map of your office.

  2. Click on the 'Desk' icon on the left of your screen > click anywhere on the map to create a desk.

  3. By clicking on any of these, a menu will open on the right that will give you the option to give a name to that station, assign the location to a specific employee, activate that location, and select the characteristics of that station. (For the assignment of workstations, make sure that you have entered employee members) in the directory, here's how to do it).

  4. Once done, go back to your map > click on each location you want to assign, and only by clicking on “Station assigned to” will the emails of your employees appear to choose from. Done!

Add meeting rooms

  1. Click on Building > Office below the reference building. (left-hand column of the dashboard).

  2. Now, select the Office where you want to insert the meeting room > click on ✏️ next to the office name.

  3. Click on ✏️ next to the space > click on “Manage map”

  4. Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the map of your office. So click on the Room icon from the left bar

You will now be given the opportunity to draw the perimeter of your room > Click then on the corner of this on the map, then on the next one and, so on, until you have drawn the entire


Now, enter the name of the room from the right bar, then the capacity and options present in the room you just created (microphone, whiteboard, projector, etc.).

If you want, you can also add a photo of the space to remind your colleagues which meeting room they are about to book > click on Save at the bottom right and you're done.

Your meeting room has been successfully created. So, from now on, your employees will have the opportunity to book it, inviting colleagues and external guests to their meetings.

Add the services available in meeting rooms

To add the services available in a meeting room:

  1. From, click on Building > Offices, and select the office in which to make the change

  2. Once this is done, select the Space where the meeting room is located, and click on Manage Map.

  3. Now, just click on the previously created meeting room and select the available services from the menu that appeared on the right. From the same menu, you will also be given the opportunity to change the capacity of the room and modify the title of the room.

Temporarily deactivate a meeting room

  1. From, click on Building > Offices and select the office in which to make the change. Once this is done, select the Space where the meeting room is located, and click on Manage Map

  2. Now, all you have to do is click on the previously created meeting room and then on the Activate option, depending on whether or not you want to make it available to your employees.

Set up a check-in procedure for meeting rooms

Setting up a check-in procedure is effective in reducing rooms booked but not used. Follow the steps:

  1. From, click on Rooms > click on Settings Click on

  2. Check in under Settings, at the top of the screen. From this screen

  3. you will be able to activate the check-in procedure, set a time interval in which participants can do so, and even decide if the marked room will be available again in case of failed check-in.

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