Create parking spaces with map

Here you can find out how to set up the map dedicated to parking

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 1 month ago

If you haven't already added a floor plan to your space, follow all the steps from the beginning of this article. Otherwise, skip this first part and scroll directly to - Add parking spaces -

Map parking spaces:

  1. Add map > Click on "Add map" to upload the image of the map of your office. (JPEG format, max 1000 px high).

  2. Once loaded, you will have the opportunity to start inserting parkings by clicking on Manage map

Add Parking slot

If you want to add parking spaces to the map of your office:

  1. Click on the “Parking” icon > select the characteristics of that space, and then on any point on the map to create a parking lot.

  2. By clicking on any of these, a menu will open on the right that will give you the opportunity to give a name to that car park, assign the parking to a specific employee, activate that car park, and further modify the characteristics of that car park.

  3. From now on, your employees will be able to book that seat.


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