Cancel a booking for one of your colleagues

Find out here how to cancel your colleague's booking directly from the admin platform

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 5 months ago

As an administrator, you can cancel your colleagues' bookings!

Find out how:

  1. Access the administrator platform and select the “Activities” section next to Locations or Parking

  2. Here you can select with a click the reservations you are interested in canceling.

  3. Once selected, click on the basket symbol to cancel them 🗑️

Once a reservation has been canceled, each user will receive a communication that shows the details of what happened cancellation including the name of the administrator who wrote the cancellation.
Below you can see an example:

Nice to know:

  • It is possible to cancel reservations only on the administrator platform

  • Once the activity report has been downloaded, there will be two new columns: created by and deleted by, which show the email of the administrator who wrote the cancellation

  • The status corresponding to a canceled booking will be: company_cancelled

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