Book on behalf of another employee of your company

Find out how to book a desk or parking space on behalf of others!

Marta Battista
Written by Marta BattistaLast update 6 months ago

Do you need to book on behalf of one of your employees? As an administrator you can do it!

Follow the steps:

  1. Enter the App and go to the Offices section

  2. Decide, by entering the drop-down menu, who you are booking for (see screen)

  1. Select the day or more days from the calendar

  2. Choose the desk or parking

  3. Set the time slot, and book!

At this point, the employee will see the event appear in their calendar in the app and, if they have active notifications, they will receive confirmation via email with the details of the reservation that you have just completed.

You can see the list of reservations made, always in the Activities section (Desks and/or Parking) on the administrator platform.

Nice to know:

  • You can also book spaces with capacity for your colleague.

  • You can book stations and parking spaces both assigned to your colleague and assigned to the group to which your colleague belongs. The restrictions of the user you are booking for will always be respected.

  • The booking for a colleague is not successful when the latter already has one active at the same time you intend to book!

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