Add new members manually (for companies that don't have integrated Active Directory)

Learn how to invite an employee, modify the user list, or add a new administrator

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Follow the steps to add new members manually:

  1. Open to add new employees or administrators

  2. Click on the Members section, in the left menu you will find all the features offered to Nibol users. Click on the Members section, under the Nibol logo, at the top left of your screen

  3. Explore the Members section, once this is done, you will be directed to the page with the list of Nibol employees and administrators. This section gives you the opportunity to monitor information about Nibol users.

Add a new member to the list

To add a new employee or administrator to your list > click on the “Add” button in the upper right part of your screen > once this is done, you will be asked to enter the name, email address and role of the user.

To select the role assigned to a particular user, click under “Role” >

if you want to invite the user directly, click on “Send invitation”.

If you are only preparing the list of users, and then proceed with the invitation later, deselect this option. You'll have the option to invite them later.

Invite a new member of the list in Nibol

Now, if you have postponed sending the invitations, you can start inviting users in Nibol.

  1. Select users by clicking next to their names.

  2. Alternatively, if you want to proceed with the invitation of all the users on your list, click on the box next to “Members”, in the upper left part of the table.

  3. Regardless of the option chosen, you will see the option 'Send invitations' appear at the top of the table.

  4. Click on this option to invite all the previously selected users.

  5. If you want, you can also delete users from your list. To do this, select users > click on the 'Delete' icon at the top of the table.


If you followed the instructions correctly, you will see the status of your users change to 'Invited'.

The employees you have invited will be contacted by email automatically with the information (username and temporary password) necessary to access Nibol. Once you accept the policy and change the password, you will see their status change to 'Active'.

Below is an example of the email that we will send to your employees and administrators when you click on 'Send invitation'.

If you have successfully invited a user, but he/she is not able to find the invitation email, kindly ask him/her to check the spam folder of their email address.

Remove members from the Nibol directory

To delete one or more employees/administrators active in Nibol, from > check the box next to their name and click on the 'Delete' icon (🗑️) at the top of the list.

If you want to invite a deleted user again, simply > click on 'Add' again at the top right > enter their information (name, surname, email address, and role).

N.B. Following a manual deletion by an administrator, affected users will not immediately lose all reservations made in the future. In fact, these will be saved for 24 hours to ensure full data recovery in the event of a user's mistaken deletion.

On the other hand, in case the user's deletion was intentional, know that you can always cancel any future reservations as an administrator. Find here the guide in this regard.

Member activation status

Once a new member has been added to the list of employees and administrators, the new member will appear in the table below the 'Members' section. To the right of the name, you'll see a tag appear indicating the status of the invitation.

List of states presents in Nibol, with reference to the individual members inserted:

  1. Active: the member has been correctly entered in Nibol, has received the invitation email and has changed the temporary password in this one.

  2. Invited: The member has been entered correctly, has received the invitation email but has not yet changed the temporary password in it.

  3. Sending: The member has been entered correctly, but the invitation email has not yet arrived at its destination. The status remains unchanged only for the time necessary to send the invitation email.

  4. Not invited: the member was entered correctly, but it was decided not to send the invitation email at the same time as the member was inserted in Nibol. To invite the member, check the box to the left of the name and click on 'Send invitation' at the top of the table

  5. Error: We were unable to send the invitation email to the email address you entered. In most cases, this means that the email address you entered is not correct.

If you see the 'Error' label next to one of the previously entered users, it is likely that their email address was not spelled correctly.

We kindly ask you to verify that this is not the case.

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