I need to replace the floor plan of my office, what do I do?

Find out what you need to know to replace the floor plan without losing the locations or parking spaces that you have entered

Lucia Biscarini
Written by Lucia BiscariniLast update 7 months ago

To change the map log on to business.nibol.com and click on the image of the previous map to be replaced, at this point select the JPEG file from your PC and confirm.

Keep in mind that:

  • The new floor plan in JPEG to be inserted must be the same size as the previous one in terms of height and width, this is to maintain the same position of the previously created locations or parking lots.

  • If the new floor plan has a completely different layout of the space from the previous one, once loaded, you will only have to move the workstation and/or parking spaces according to the new layout.

  • Finally, even if a floor plan is replaced with a different layout, it will not be possible to move the meeting rooms. In this case, you must delete them (click above the room -> click on the basket at the bottom left of the screen that opens) and redesign them in the new dedicated place on your new map


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