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After logging in, once you're in, you'll be faced with the Nibol homepage.

Add a building

  1. Click on Add a building on your left side (see screenshot below)

  2. Once clicked, you will be asked to provide the name and the address of the building

  3. You will have the possibility to change it further on by clicking on Building > General.

To set opening and closing times go to Building > Settings.

Finally, you can set special closing days related to your country's holiday calendar. No reservations will be allowed on these closing days.

Go to Building > Settings > Closing Days, here you can choose to import the holiday calendar by selecting the country in which your building is located and customising the time interval of these holidays. Finally, this information you have set can be copied, if you wish, for all your buildings on Nibol.

Add an office

Once the building is added:

  1. Click on Building > click on Offices in the bar on the left, below the name of the building you just created.

  2. Click on Add New Office on the right (see screenshot below)

  3. Give your office a name, indicate the floor it is on and move on to the next step.

Create a space

Now, click on the Edit icon (✏️) on the right side of the screen, right beside the name of your office. Done that, you will have the possibility to:

  • Change the name or plan of the office (remember to save, the button appears in the upper right-hand corner as you type the change)

  • Add a new space (Add new space)

  • Edit the settings (Settings)

Now you can create your new space by doing:

  1. Add new space > enter space name

  2. Choose from the drop-down menu the type of space you want to insert > add. Done!

Check out the features of the available space types to choose from:

Desks to capacity

This option will make your desks bookable, without giving your employees the possibility to choose a specific desk.

In this case, you just need to indicate the capacity of your office beside "Number of desks", and then save it by clicking on "Save" on the upper right side of your screen.

Parking to capacity

This solution will allow you to make a defined number of parking spaces bookable, but without allowing employees to see them on the map.

In this case, it will be sufficient to indicate the capacity of your parking space next to "Number of parking spaces", and save by clicking "Save" in the upper right corner. Besides that, you'll have the option to select the services available on those parking spaces, and even upload an image of the space.

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