Shared spaces can be pre-paid or not via Nibol. This means many venues will allow you to use their tables addressed to traditional customers of other services (e.g. cafes/restaurants) without asking you for any pre-payment. By the way, they will expect from you to consume and spend a minimum amount per hour in their venue. You will pay this amount directly at the store's counter.

If a shared space must be pre-paid via Nibol, this means the manager of this place will provide you with a special hotdesk and improved workplace experience (e.g. Coworking Space) or the ability to use the pre-paid amount as credit for other services. This is shown in the description of the place in Nibol's App.

Some venues offer you discounts you can use at the venue. If the venue you're reserving a hotdesk at provides a discount, you will read it both in its description in Nibol's App and in the reservation's confirmation.

The discount is valid for the people included in the reservation only. This discount can be applied to amounts higher than 2€ per person, this way we can make sure the manager will see the additional value provided to you paid back.

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