1. Navigate to business.nibol.co

To start configuring the integration between Kisi and Nibol, navigate to business.nibol.co. From our web app, click on Integrations on the left sidebar.

2. Copy and paste your Group ID in Nibol

Once here, you will have the possibility to check for every integration between Nibol and third parties.

We are always ready to meet your requests. In case your company may need a specific integration with an external service, feel free to contact us.

To configure the integration, click on the button "Install" under the Kisi logo. Done that, you will see the requirements to connect Nibol with your Kisi account (see screenshot below). Specifically, they are:

  1. Kisi API Key

  2. Kisi Group ID, referred to each Building in Nibol

  3. Name of the Buildings, as named in Nibol

In the next section we will explore where we can gather these information within your Kisi account.

3. Generate an API Key in Kisi

To proceed with the integration, login to Kisi following this link.

Entered your credentials, click on the upper right side of the screen on your username (see screenshot below). Done that, click on the option "API" from the dropdown menu.

Once here, from the page appeared, click on "Add API Key" on the upper right side of the dashboard (see screenshot below).

Done that, your API Key will be displayed. Highlight it, and copy it on your notes (see screenshot below).

Be careful! After this moment, you won't have access to this key anymore. Make sure to paste it separately.

4. Copy and paste the API Key in Nibol

Go back to Kisi. From here, after having selected the office associated to Nibol, let's proceed with the last requirement: the Group ID. To find it, from the left sidebar, click on "Groups" (see screenshot below).

Now, if you haven't done it previously, create a new group. To do that, click on "Add group" in the upper right side of the dashboard, then enter the details of the space.

Be sure to leave the field "add members to the group" blank. Nibol will populate this field with the reservations coming from our service (see screenshot below).

Done that, you will be redirected to the page collecting the information on the Group you have just created. Now click on "Copy ID" to copy the last requirement for the integration.

Now go back to Nibol, at the following page. From here, paste the code you just copied in the proper field, beside the Building (see screenshot below).

Done! The integration between Nibol and Kisi is now established.

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