1. Open business.nibol.co

To add new employees or admins, navigate to business.nibol.co.

2. Navigate to the Members section

On the left sidebar, you find all the features of Nibol. Click on the Members section, right below the Nibol logo on the upper left side of the screen.

3. Explore your directory of users and admins

Done that, you will be redirected to your employees and admins directory. This section provides all the information on the users that have been previously added to Nibol.

On the right side of the table, you will see the "Status" column. This columns collects the live information on the status of every user.

a. Activate: the user has already logged in to Nibol.

b. Invited: the user has been invited to use Nibol, but he/she hasn't logged in yet.

c. Not invited: the user has been added to the directory, but you have not invited him/her yet.

d. Inviting...: you have correctly invited the user, who is in the process to be authenticated to use Nibol (it generally takes no more than a couple seconds).

e. Error: the email address you provide may be wrong. We kindly ask you to review the email address of the user. If this isn't the case, feel free to contact us.

From this page, you will be able to monitor all the users added to the directory. Use the filtering options on the top right of the table to restrict the view to specific roles, statuses or simply to search a user by its email/name.

4. Add the employee or admin to your directory

To add a new employee or admin to your directory, click on the button "Add" on the top right of the screen. Done that, you will be asked to provide name and email of your new employee or admin.

To select the role assigned to the new user, click on the dropdown list under "Role" (Employee or Administrator).

If you want to send directly the invitation to the newly added user, click on "Send invitation" (see screenshot below).

In case you are just preparing the list of the users, and you want to send the invitations when you will have added all of them, deselect this option. You will have the possibility to invite them later.

5. Invite the employee or admin to your directory

Now, if you have postponed the invitation, you can start inviting the users to Nibol. To do that, select them from the list by clicking on the left of their names.

Alternatively, if you want to invite all of them now, click on the checkbox aside "Members", in the top left side of the table.

Regardless the option chosen in this step, you will see the option "Send invitation" appearing in the top side of the table (see screenshot below). Click it to invite all of the selected users to Nibol.

If you want, you can also delete users by clicking on the "Bin" icon on the top side of the table.

Done! If you have followed the instruction correctly, you will see the status of the invited users changing to "Invited".

The admins or employees you have invited will be provided with the information (username and temporary password) to access Nibol. Once they will have accepted the policy and updated their temporary password, you will see their status changing to "Active".

If you have invited some users correctly, but they can't find the invitation email, ask them to check their Spam folder.

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