Connect your Kisi corporate account to Nibol

Find out how to manage access to certain areas of the office with Nibol and Kisi

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The integration of Kisi with Nibol allows you to control which areas of the building your employees can access, based on their Nibol bookings and Kisi authorizations. The authorization will only be for the day the booking was made and you will have daily control over access to your office.

Let's look at a use case example

"A company has several types of spaces and access to some of them is only allowed to specific members.

A Kisi reader on each door allows the company administrator to grant access to these spaces only to specific members, organized in Kisi groups. Furthermore, with Nibol, only members who have made a valid reservation for a specific day can access these spaces".

Follow the steps to connect your Kisi business account to Nibol

  1. Open > from our web app > then click on Integrations in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Copy and paste the Group ID into Nibol once here, you will be able to see all current integrations in Nibol.

  3. To configure the integration, click on the 'Install' button below the Kisi logo.

  4. Once this is done, you will be faced with the specifications required to connect the two services. Specifically, you will be asked to enter the following into Nibol:

  • Kisi API Key

  • Group ID of Kisi, referring to individual Buildings in Nibol

  • Name of the relevant Buildings, as named in Nibol

In the next section, we will see where you can find the information required for integration, within your Kisi account. (see screenshot)

Generate API Key in Kisi

To set up the Integration > login to Kisi by following this link.

Enter your credentials, from the home screen > click on the top right of the username you have set up > click on My Account

Once this is done > click on the API option the last item in the list.

Once here, from the following page, click on Add API Key at the top right > now enter your account password to proceed.

Once this is done, you will be faced with the API Key. Highlight it, and copy it to the clipboard (see screenshot below).

Be careful, after this moment you will not be given a chance to view the key later!

Copy and paste the API Key into Nibol

Now go back to Kisi.

From here, after selecting the office associated with Nibol, we go looking for the last requirement for integration: the Group ID.

To find this, from the side menu click on Groups (see screenshot below).

Now, if you have not already done so, create a new group. To do this, click on Add group at the top right of your dashboard, and then enter the details of the space.

Be careful to leave the "Add members to the group" field blank. Nibol will automatically populate that field with bookings from our service (see screenshot below).

Having done this, you will be redirected to the page with information on the Group you have just created.

Now click on 'Copy ID' in the top right-hand corner to copy the Group ID.

Now return to Nibol, to the following page.

From here, enter the code you have just copied into the reference field next to the Reference Building.

Done! The integration between Nibol and Kisi is established.

We are always ready to meet our customers' requests. Should your company require a specific integration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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