Share your booking

Discover how to share your bookings with your colleagues

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Nibol gives you the possibility to share your booking with your colleagues. So you can stop wasting time looking around for each other in your office.

Let's see how you can do that:

1. Book a desk in your office

To share your booking, you first have to book a desk in your office. Want some guidance on how to do that? Learn how to book using our mobile App or through the web App

2. Navigate to the calendar

To view all of your reservations > navigate to your calendar. Scrolling up and down you will have the possibility to check for each of your bookings, divided by day.

On the right of these bookings, you will see a Share icon > click on it.

3. Share your booking with your colleagues

Done that, a new window will open up on the bottom of your screen. Depending on the device you will be using, you will have the possibility to share your booking via different apps (Whatsapp, Slack, Email, ...).

Choose the one you prefer, select the contact, and you are done!

From the link you shared, your colleague will have the possibility to view where you have booked, and reserve a desk near you.