I can't book any desk, why?

FAQ for all members

Since Nibol does not allow for contemporary reservations per user, one possibility is that you have already booked a desk for that day. To check for that, click on the Calendar icon on the bottom menu and go through your reservations for that day.

If you notice that a reservation is already present, cancel it by clicking the dots on the right and then selecting Cancel. Now, you can book a new one by clicking on the "Map" icon on the bottom menu.

If this is not the case, there is a chance that your admin has made the office unavailable for that day or for that time, you have reached the maximum reservation for that period, or the groups you belong to do not allow you to complete the reservation.

Contact your admin to check if that's true or contact our support team by clicking on the Profile icon on the bottom menu, and then Help and feedback.